Introduction: Micro Wood Lathe Accessory Box

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I've bought a micro lathe from a online chinese shop. It comes into a cardboard box with many accessories ( power supply, pivots, and a dozen of cheap chisels).

The lathe itself need a couple of clamps to fix it on the table (vibration was very strong), so I thinked to add a simple wooded base.

Another problem is that the assessories comes without any box or pouch to storage it.

So at the and I added a drawer underneath the wooden base.

Step 1: Cut the Wood

All wood pieces come from two panels of poplar plywood: 10mm thickness and 4mm thickness for the bottom of the drawer and the two stops.

Cut list

The box:

1 piece 10mm: 430mm x 120mm
1 piece 10mm: 350mm x 120mm
2 pieces 10mm: 90mm x 120mm
2 pieces 4mm: 100mm x 25mm

The drawer:

2 piece 10mm: 330mm x 120mm
2 pieces 10mm: 90mm x 120mm
1 piece 4mm: 320mm x 110mm

The handle:

a little piece of wood: 30 x 30 x 40 mm

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble the parts with glue to obtain the box in picture

Step 3: Painting

Step 4: Enjoy the Result