Introduction: Micro Power 2 Go Version 2.0

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Hi there everyone , 
I was bored last night and needed something to do ,
so  the birth of new project was born  ,   
I call it micro power 2 go 2.0 , 
now if you seen my last project micro power 2 go the old model you'll now what  i'm talking about ,
if you what to see it you can go here  
ok so here's whats new about this version , 
its about two times smaller the the one before ,
and it has a led to tell you if there's power init or not , i'll explain that after ,
despite its size its no weakling it has the same amount of power like the last one ,
so are you ready I'am lets  build this thing  .

Step 1: What We Need

ok time to get your tool box ready and your parts handy ,
here's what you'll need , 
micro solar cell , I got mine from ebay  type in mini solar car and you'll see that cheap looking solar toy for about $2 dollars ,  that's were I got mine off of , 
a 4.5 volt micro / mini rechargeable battery ,  you can find this also on ebay , you can type in mini or micro to find it , mine didn't cost

me anything since I had an extra part left from a mini hamburger speaker this was from ebay  I paid about $ 3 dollars for it but then it broke on me , hey I didn't break it the dog did ,

next you'll need a  very small case , I didn't have one on hand so I had to make one out of plastic I had laying around ,

One led any color you want , I used a blue 3mm , once again from ebay , there pretty cheap a $2 for a 100 , 

one female usb , got mine from my parts box , but you can get one from ebay for like a dollar or cheaper ,

a push button switch , there a dime a dozen , no really there like a dime , ebay 100 for like a dollar , 

and a bridge rectifier diode , 

something to make it look good like paint or aluminum tape , I used the aluminum tape since I had it handy , 

piece of clear plastic , I used a piece of my old gameboy screen ,
and of course some small wire , 

tools you need , 
soldering gun ,
glue gun , 
wire stripper or if you like me you can just use scissors 

Step 2: Getting Started

ok now use  the schematic as shown in the picture to tell you were it all connects ,  
if you want to use a usb pinout to tell were your positive and is ground on a usb you can find it here ,

now connect the black end of diode to the positive on the solar cell and the connect the grey end of the diode to the positive on the battery , then connect the solar cell ground to the battery ,
next connect the positive from the usb to the positive on the battery and the other to ground , 

note this is not shown in the schematic  / picture ,
next your led and switch connect the led's positive lead  to one lead on the switch ,
then connect the other lead on the switch to positive on the battery , 
then ground the other lead on your led to the battery , 
now solder all the connections , 
use some glue from your glue gun or electric tape to cover and secure the connections  , I used the glue gun it was easier and made it smaller  , tape I find it to bulky  ,
next fit it to the case , your going to have to make a small it for the led and the switch , 
and you need a hole for your usb ,
and a hole on the top of your case for the top of your solar cell , 
once done we can go to the next step

Step 3: Glue and Cover

ok now put everything in its place  and use the glue gun to do so , 
next  cut out and a piece of clear plastic to fit over top of your solar cell and glue around it ,
be sure not to get any glue on the top of your solar cell , like shown in the picture , 
if you made a case like I did you need to carefully cut off a the sharp and extra pieces of plastic ,
now its time to make it look good , 
you can paint it what ever color you want making sure you cover the led and solar cell before you do , 
or do what I did take some aluminum tape and cover the case with it  , once again do not cover the solar cell or led or the switch , 
ok done great moving on to the last step

Step 4: Testing Testing 123

ok put the little guy out in the sun to charge for a bit , 
now after a bit of charging  push the switch and see it glow you should see the led light up , 
so now its time to explain the usefulness of the led like I said I would ,
the led is the easiest why of telling if there is power or not ,
 instead of plugging it into a tester or your cellphone every time ,

you can also charge it by using a usb charger as well ,

its good for all usb devices like a mp3 players or a cellphone etc ,
if you what to know how the charging process  works take a look at last step of my other micro power 2 go  here

next the specs , 
charge time , it will take 4-8 hours by solar , 

about 2 to 5 hours by dc charger ,
and about 2 to 4 hours by larger solar panel , like the one I showed  you in the last project 

so there you have it your own micro power 2 go 2.0 ,

thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed my inscrutable , 

p.s look at the pictures to see the size difference compared to the old version ,