Introduction: MicroPython and UPyCraft on ESP32

Micropython is python's optimize and small footprint of python. Which meant to build for embedded device which has memory constraints and low power consumption.

Micropython is available for many controller families which includes ESP8266,ESP32 and some of nordic's controller.
In this article we will see how to use the micropython with esp32.
We will cover the article steps by step which includes video tutorial as well.

Step 1: Required Components

Step 2: Links to Download the MicroPython Binary

Download the binary for variant of board being used

Download binaries from following link,

Download esptool which handles read, write and erase of ESP32/ESP8266,

Step 3: Getting Started With MicroPython and ESP32

Here is tutorial which explains on how to start with micropython and ESP32. Which covers the some basics and which helps to start with led blink example and Wifi connection using python.

Step 4: How to Access the File System

Demo on how to access the files on ESP32 board and how to autorun the script on boot up.

Step 5: Demo on Neopixel

Demo on how to use neopixel with esp32 using micropython.

Step 6: Getting Start With UPyCraft IDE With ESP32

Tutorial on how to start using uPyCraft IDE with ESP32.

Also covers how to execute the commands and script using uPyCraft.