Introduction: Microwave Idli - Without an Idli Dish

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The idea behind this instructable is making making idlis easily - in a microwave, without an idli mould/dish/stand - using a ready mix, for people like my baby brother.

Step 1: Mixing the Batter

I used the MTR Idli powder and simply followed the instructions on the pack:

  1. Cut open the pack
  2. Combine 1 measure of flour, 1 measure water and 1/2 measure sour curd (use regular plain yogurt if you do not have sour curd)
  3. Mix well ensuring there are no lumps. The batter should be just slightly runny
  4. Set aside for 10-15 mins (they say 5, but the longer, the better)

Step 2: Oil the Bowl

  1. Select a microwaveable bowl (my mum recommends using glass)
  2. Put a little vegetable oil in the cup
  3. Smear the oil around the sides and bottom of the bowl (I used a rubber spatula to do this)

Step 3: Pour in the Batter

Put in just enough batter to fill 1/4th of an inch in the oiled bowl

Step 4: Microwave

Cover the bowl with a lid (make sure the lid is also microwavable) and microwave for a few mins until the idli rises like cake (2:30 for a 10-12 cm diameter bowl worked for me). The idli will only rise a little, so don't expect it to double in size.

  • Take out the bowl and check while cooking if you are not sure how long to cook for
  • If the middle is still liquid, cook for 30 secs more, then check again
  • When you think it is done, poke the idli with a knife - if the knife comes out clean, the idli is done; if not, cook for 15-30 seconds more
  • If you cook the idli too long, it will burn

Step 5: Removing Idli From the Mould

  1. Leave the cooked idli to cool for 1-2 mins, without the cover*
  2. The idli should feel fluffy to the touch when cooled
  3. Gently remove the edges from the sides of the bowl with a blunt spoon
  4. Turn the bowl over and gently tap the idli out. Use the spoon for assistance if the idli is stuck
  • *It is important to let the idly to cool a few mins without the cover, or it will lose it's texture (apart from sticking to the bowl)

Step 6: Serve

The idli is ready to serve* with chutney, sambar or chtuney powder.

*If the idli is stuck to the bowl, eat it directly from the bowl, spooning sambar on top.