Introduction: Mid Size Box Made of Wood Shims

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A mid sized box made of wood shims and glue.
1. Wood shims (Pine Shims or Cedar Shims)
2. Wood glue
3. Clamps
4. 5/8 inch T15 screws
5. Canvas Drop Cloth - I used the Sigman 5x5 Canvas Drop Cloth from Home Depot, but feel free to use any type of canvas cloth. (optional)

Step 1: Glue 2 Wood Shims Together

1. Glue to wood shims together to make one solid piece. This is going to be the basic building block of the box.
2. Use the clamps to get a solid fit.

Step 2: Build Out Box Base

1. Take six wood pieces and lay them side by side.
2. Take a 7th wood pieces and glue it at one end perpendicular to the other six.
3. Using the wood glue, fill in the gaps between the 6 pieces and the 7th crosspiece as well.
4. Repeat 3 more times to make the 4 base pieces of the box.

Step 3: Attach 2 Base Pieces

1. Using a separate wood shim, glue 2 base pieces together.
2. Use the clamps to hold it I place until the glue sets.
3. Use 3/8" Phillips or 5/8" T15 screws to reinforce it.
4. Repeat the process with the other 2 base pieces.
5. Now take about 8 pieces of wood to attach the 2 pieces that were just built across the seam where the 2 pairs meet.
6. Optional: add a crosspiece on the outside of the box. (see picture).

Step 4: Build Out Base

1. Optional: in order to reinforce the base, add 5/8 inch screws. I used Spax #2 Square brand with pan head.
2. Now glue shims at 45 degrees on each of the corners.
3. Once the corners are in place, connect the 45 degree pieces with additional wood.
4. Repeat the process of connecting straight pieces and ones placed at 45 degrees to start building up the sides of the box. Please see pictures.

Step 5: Build to Preferred Height

1. Continue to build up the walls.

Step 6: Paint Outide of Box

1. Paint the outside of the box and the underside as well.
2. Since this will be used as collection basket at a parish, it will need to hold coins and cash, so a piece of canvas needs to be secured on the inside.

Step 7: Cover Inside With Canvas Drop Cloth

1. Using a canvas paint drop cloth, cover the inside of the box.
2. I used a combination of 3/8" Phillips and 5/8" T15 screws to secure the drop cloth to the top of the box.
3. For the T15s, I used Hillman screws from Lowes.
4. Screw down the canvas on the top edges and bottom of the box.

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