Introduction: Middle Eastern Snack (Banana, Date, Almond Mix)

Listen, we all snack. At work, at home we like to sneak in these little bites of something delicious that we're not supposed to have... But we shouldn't have to feel guilty about it. I'm no nutritionist, but there should be good tasting easy way to snack healthy. So I a while ago while I living in the middle east I discovered the joys of creating dried fruit mixes. Combining natures delicious treats with each other without having to cook.

My favorite elements to mix are

(All dried)

Banana chips



Dark Chocolate



Materials needed

  • A big bowl
  • Knife
  • Gallon storage bag
    • If you want to get real hipster get mason jars I think bags are easier though
  • Smaller snack bags for on the go
  • Unflavored granola
  • Dried banana chips
  • Dried almonds (I prefer plain but its really up to you)
  • Dates (I prefer Medjool dates because they seem to be the sweetest)
  • Chocolate (Because yum, I like a darker (Not full dark) chocolate rather than a milk but it works either way)
  • Measuring cup
  • Pencil and Paper (Or google docs if you're like me)

Step 2: Good Snacking Shouldnt Need to Be Cooked

You need it quick you need it now you need it convenient. Have these element around the house just combine them into one jar. You'll have to mix them around to see what your own ratio will be.

Here is the most amount prep you'll need to do. Good fresh dates come whole, in order to get a good ratio of sweetness you'll want to chop these babies up to spread around the mixture.

If you can find good quality chocolate chips, then get those. Otherwise you can chop up some chocolate.

Step 3: Measure and Record

In my opinon, you want to be able replicate what you're doing and it may take a few times for you to get the ratio down you like. Grab a measuring cup and figure out how you want it to go down. Take notes and make sure you can follow the instructions for next time.

Happy snacking

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