Introduction: "Penny" Board From an Old School Desk.


  • Old school desk
  • Penny board trucks (Doesn't need to be that brand, just that size)
  • Skateboard bearings The ones linked here have everything you need. (doesn't matter what kind, but anything above abec 5 is good)
  • Penny wheels (Doesn't need to be that brand, just that size)
  • Accompanying hardware for skateboards. Penny Bolts slightyly larger option and nuts, grip tape


Step 1: Measurements

You have two options.

Option 1 (Measure)

Get all the measurements of a Penny board offline or take them yourselves. This involves a variety of measuring tools, plans, and layout for how to cut. A good rule in many shops across the world, measure twice, cut once.

If I had done it this way, I would have happily shared those numbers with you all.

Option 2 (the one we went with)

Take a penny board or even a Walmart/Kryptonics board and trace it out. Much less precise, but also, much faster.

We went with option 2 and outlined the board on the "wood"

Step 2: Step 2 Cutting


Get your saw ready.

We used a Jigsaw with a thin scroll blade in it. I'm, sure you could have used a band or scroll saw to do this job but this what we did. We followed along the outline of the Penny board and left about a 1/4 inch space for error and sanding.

Step 3: Step 3

Drilling holes and sanding

We once again went back to the Penny board and did our best to line up the hardware holes as best we could. We then took a level to make sure that all the lines

Step 4: Finishing Up!

We finished up by sanding down the edges of the board and using some grip tape on the top. Your hardware may need spacers depending on what kind of wheels you end up putting on.

After that, just enjoy the ride.

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