Introduction: Mighty Multitool

This is an instructable I created for the Indestructables contest and to have a handy little multitool. I built it out of a socket wrench, an adjustable wrench, and a broken multitool I've had bouncing around in my toolbox that I couldn't bring myself to throw away, because I can rarely bring myself around to throw anything away. Anyhow, the idea is simple, and I wanted a project to try out an arc welder I recently bought. Also I will apologize in advance for the quality of my welds, I haven't welded in several years and my experience back then was limited. 

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Materials Used:
8" Adjustable Wrench
Socket Wrench
Broken Multitool
2 4 " Mending Plates
1/16" electrotrodes

Equipment Used:
Emory Cloth
Dremel with Sanding and Grinding Wheel
Hex keys(to fasten/unfasten screws that hold the tools onto the multitool
70 Amp Arc Welder
Chipping Hammer/Wire Brush
Welding Safety Equipment
-Heavy Leather Gloves and Apron
-Welding Mask/Helmet

Step 2: Sand/Grind the Parts Clean

One of the most important steps in this project is to use a grinding/sanding attachment on a rotary tool, or an emory cloth, to clean the parts to be welded together. It is very important to have clean surfaces to conduct the electricity well with the arc welder.  

Step 3: Reassemble the Multitool W/ the Mending Plates

In this step I took the parts from the broken multitool and placed them between the two 4" mending brackets. I choose the two screwdrivers, the knife, the saw, and the can/bottle opener. Remember to include the spacer washers between the tools so they will swing freely and still have enough friction and spring pressure to hold open when the tool is in use.

Step 4: Weld the Parts Together!

First I fit all the places together to get the desired placement so I know where to weld them together and still have the rotation of the multitool and be able to use the wrenches.
Then I welded the socket wrench to the adjustable wrench. I clamped the two tools together so the heads of the adjustable wrench and socket wrench are aligned on the same plane.
Next I fit the mending brackets over the two wrenches welded together. Then I welded the ends of the brackets to the wrenches.

When I made my welds I tried to keep the electrode at a 45 degree angle. My little welder can only handle 1/16" electrodes so I made several passes each time I welded. Between each pass I used a wire brush and chipping hammer to clean the slag off and prepare the material for the next pass.
IMPORTANT: Always follow safety procedures for using an Arc Welder and Wear Proper Personal Protection Equipment. You can injure yourself or others severely if you aren't careful
An Instructable that is a good read for an introduction to welding and safety precautions is

Step 5: Grind and Clean the Finished Welded Mighty Multitool!

The Final Step is to grind and clean the finished piece so any burrs or sharp edges produced by welding spatter won't render the tool a pain to use.

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