Introduction: Mike Dyson

About: Creating awesome robots and sci-fi exhibits from recycled materials.

While being inspired by the futuristic shape of Dyson’s, Mark sourced a
job lot, that was for spares or repair. Second came the name, which then led to the idea for a boxing robot.

Step 1: Why Dysons?

Sourcing broken ones is easy. Then it’s a case of imagination and a bit
of engineering to put together a 3m high structure that resembles a robot boxer.

There are so many cool shapes to a Dyson, perfect for robots! The challenge is rewarding when the project finally comes together. Turning discarded items into striking robots is my mission.

Step 2: The Finish!

To paint or not to paint, that is the question!

Although it can be cool to see the repurposed items in their raw state, it can look a bit scrappy!

I also didn't want it too obvious. By painting, the individual elements appear to blend, as if purpose made for the job,

and the peruser will see a robot, before observing closely and discovering it's individual parts.

Step 3: The Build...

You can see a step by step of the build in the video.

This robot is one of many about to go on display at Robotazia.

Extraordinary creations from waste!