Introduction: Giant Gold Robot From 800 YSL Boxes

About: Creating awesome robots and sci-fi exhibits from recycled materials.

I have always strived to repurpose things rather than discard them. In fact, it pains me when I have to throw something away! But repurposing is not the easy option and it can boggle your mind! However! it does force an outcome you probably would never have come up with, had you been using custom made parts purposely designed.

Start with a loose idea, make a rough sketch if you must and then let the project evolve. Ideas will pop into your head as you progress and materials will start to fit into place.

The rewards are immense. You will have an attachment to your creation, unlike anything that you purchase off the shelf.

Step 1: The Boxes

I collected 800 of these beauty product boxes over 18 months. These would have been thrown away. They are all testers from a YSL store where my partner worked.

Step 2: 800 Boxes

Here are the boxes, which have all been filled with filler foam and glued shut. This is to give them more strength for the robot creation.

Step 3: Complete

Here is the completed robot. 2m high.

It has a motorised head.

Step 4: The Video

This is a video I made of the build.

The robot has since been exhibited at several events, and is part of a permanent display at Robotazia in Milton Keynes UK