Introduction: Milk a Goat

I recently had the opportunity to visit my friend who works at North Coast Farms, and she let me milk a goat. I am by no means a goat expert, but here's a basic overview of the process. Anyone can milk a goat. The trick is getting one and keeping it healthy.

Milking a goat is incredibly simple, and you can do things like make goat cheese or yogurt. Goat's milk is lower in fat, higher in fatty acids, has more nutrients, less mucous-inducing properties, and no antibiotics. It's way better than cow's milk. You can also use goats to do your yard work.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Female goat : needing to be milked

2. Stainless Steel Apparatus

2a. Stainless steel milk strainer, including filter

2b. milking pail

2c. Bucket & Lid

3. Staunchion:

A platform made from 2x4's and plywood, with a stick bolted into the bottom and a piece of hardware to lock it in. A feed bucket is essential to placate the unruly beast. When it sticks its head into the bucket, slide the wooden gate closed to keep it on the platform for easy milking.

4. Farm kitties (not required)

Step 2: Milk Said Goat!

1. Clean teat using sterilized cloth and warm water

2. Place the stainless steel bucket within firing range

3. Milk it!: This is the bread and butter of the whole operation. While the goat is feeding, you grasp the teat and use your thumb and forefinger to trap the milk inside. Squeeze gently, while pushing upward. Do not pull the teat downward! The goat will get angry and kick the bucket. Relax your grip and let the milk refill into the teat for the next round. Repeat.

It is a refined technique, and once you get good, you can use both hands and get a rhythm going.

4. Shoot a bit of milk into the kitty dish. They need some love too.

Step 3: Refill Feed/Empty the Bucket Periodically

If the goat runs out of feed, it will get agitated and start stamping around. Be sure to refill the feed, and empty the bucket periodically. You will pour it into a funnel and through a strainer to catch hair particles and other particulates

Step 4: Finish Up

When the teats are deflated, you are finished. Dip the teat in an iodine solution to keep everything clean and healthy.

Step 5: Clean Everything

After each use, be sure to use soap & water to clean your setup. 'Udderwise''ll get bad milk.

Step 6: Return Said Goat

After everything is clean, lead the goat back to pasture to frolick among the other goats.