Introduction: Milk-Free Bubble Tea

Apart from a sensational rhyme, Milk-Free Bubble Tea, is a delightful beverage to enjoy any time, anywhere. The Milk-Free Bubble tea is for people who don't exactly usually order the milky beverage. So I decided to help out the community by creating a step-by-step guide to heaven... :)

So here goes...

Step 1: Le Ingredients

You will Most likely need these items in order to pursue this recipe:

1. Black or Green Tea (I used black tea - in Tea-bag form, Probs better to use tea leaves)
2. A good quality cordial or fruit syrup - any flavor - I used raspberry, evidently. 
3.Some fruit jelly, so you get that bubbly texture.
4. Ice
5. Hot water
6. Blending equipment
7. Glass and Spoon.

Step 2: Boil Le Water

Boil yo' water...

Step 3: Add Tea

So now add your hot water and tea together.

I just poured two cups of hot water into the bowl  and added one tea-bag per cup of hot water and one more for the 'pot'... so you should do the same. This is also a good time to add some sugar...

Step 4: Time to Cool

Add some ice into the 'pot' of tea ... Or, your best bet is probs to cover the pot with glad wrap and put into the freezer for a quick cool, or for long-time storage, chuck it in the fridge :)

Step 5: Jellyfish

Now it's time to blend or squish the jelly lightly, just enough to make it small enough for the slurping requirement of bubble tea, but not too small as it is a pile of mush. maybe squishing with your spoon is a lot better...

Step 6: You Jelly Yet?

Chuck your required amount of jelly into the cup...

Step 7: Cool Beans...

Throw some ice in as well, in formal bubble tea tradition....

Step 8: Adding Flavor

Now add some flavor (fruit syrup) to your glass - your desired amount.

Step 9: Fin.

Enjoy the marvelous beverage of your almost awesome Milk-free Bubble tea :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.