Introduction: Milkstraw Blowpipe

Bank holiday is upon us yet again. It will rain.

Here is something you can do with your kids to amuse them.

You will need:

  • Two sizes of milkstraw, or any other suitable tubes
  • Glue
  • Card
  • A small amount modelling clay or a well known blue wall adhesive.
  • A knife or scissors.
  • Sime pictiures of people you don't like much.

Step 1: Build the Blowpipe and Darts.

Cut the thinner straws into 5cm lengths. (Thats 2 1/5" for our colonial cousins.)

Stuff a small bit of blu-tack into the end of each of the darts. Make sure none of it is hanging out the side, or it will stick and impair accuracy.

Step 2: Make Some Targets.

Do not under any circumstances fire the blowpipe at the cat, your little sister, or especially your wife while she is cooking.

You will therefore need some targets. I have made some standees by taking some pictures of right wing people I dont like much, gluing them on to card, scoring with a knife and folding them.

In this case I got the pictures off the internet, and added some scores before printing.

Pictures of anyone will do - teachers from the school website, members of One Direction that sort of thing.

Step 3: Fire the Blowpipe

Insert profectile into blowpipe and blow.

Effective range is about 5 meters (5 1/2 yards).