Introduction: Mind Assisted RC HeliPlane

About: My main focus is on 3d printing and using Arduino boards. Secondary is using an EEG reader, for influencing controls.

This project is a mind influenced RC heliplane.

Controller setup-

A controller backpack is the frame for holding a Arduino board, smart device, two servos and a battery. There are fourteen different 3d printed pieces making up the controller backpack. The backpack function is for input for the transition between hovering and flying on RC model.

-Two ways for transition-

Using the spring loaded trainer switch on controller, a person may toggle between a manual or mind input. On left side of controller is a shift lever to use with index finger for manual input, through the printed gearing. The other input uses a Mindwave EEG reader, and is blu toothed to a smart device. The app on smart device puts out an audio tone when, the Mindwave reads a meditative state. An Arduino board on controller turns a mounted servo when the audio tone is recieved. The servo then turns a input knob on controller, through a different set of printed gearing.

HeliPlane setup-

The Arduino board on Heliplane serves multiple functions. Transition signal from receiver through Arduino will rotate the rotors from 0 to 90 degrees. While the transition signal is between 0 to 70 degrees, the Arduino will feed signal to motors from heli board(KK2mini). If the transition signal is between 70 to 90 degrees, the Arduino will switch to a single throttle signal for plane mode. Also if the signal is between 70 to 90 degrees, the arduino will mix the two front motor signals from the heli board with the transition signal on the two front servos. This will cause the to front servos to vector for steering,(there are no control surfaces on plane).

Step 1: Arm Build

Here is a list of parts for building the four arms of the HeliPlane:





1/2" Cylinder Magnets

Arduino Wire

Power Wire Extension

Step 2: Body Build

Here is where we install the two boards and receiver.

Arduino Board

KKmini Copter Board

Transmitter with receiver

Step 3: Harness Build

Only need to tie and a little bit of repining of wire.

Zipties sm

Zipties lg

Wire pin and terminal kit

This crimper is really nice to have with the pin kit.

Step 4: Harness Install

We have all are parts for this video, just wiring together.

Step 5: Connecting Components

Using a few more zip ties, finishing up the main wiring.

It's time to start on the transmitter. More videos are in work to be added to the HeliPlane build soon. For now, the

Mind Influenced Transmitter

needs to be built to fine tune the HeliPlane.

Step 6: Power Harness

Step six and almost finished with the HeliPlane.

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