Introduction: Make Your Own Minecraft Piggy Bank

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today i´m going to show you how to make a Minecraft piggy bank

(please excuse my bad english ^^´)

you need:

a piggy bank that can be opened from the bottom

cardboard/ paperboard

hot glue


paper mache


stones or wooden blocks


papercraft model (as help)





hot glue gun

scalpell/ cutter


(this should also work with wood instead of cardboard, but then you need different materials and tools)

Step 1: Transfer the Template

measure your piggy bank (wide, high...) and transfer the template of the pig to the size your piggy bank needs.
(you can do it per hand like me but you can also print the papercraft template out in the size as you need)

example mine was 10cm wide but I made the template 1cm bigger.

you have to calculate the thickness of your cardboard!


Step 2: Stomach

if you use thick cardboard, scratch (CAREFULLY) with a scalpell or scissor on the fold marks.
you can fold the head and legs now like normal papercraft.

put the bank inside the stomach box and mark the position of your bank and cut out the hole for the orifice.

fold the torso together but don´t glue it!

if everything fits glue the bank on the bottom BUT make sure it fits with the orifice hole!

now you can glue it together but leave the top.
measure the slot from the bank to the side of the walls and transfer it on the top of the box.

(or you use a long pencil, put it in through the orifice hole inside the bank and draw the join slot)

cut it out.

put the top of the box on the underside and make sure the slot match and you can put money in it.

also make sure there aren´t inter rooms betweeen the side of the bank slot and the cardboard top and the money fells directly inside the bank.

if there are inter rooms you can fill them with cardboard like i did.

it prevents the money from sliding in the inside of the pig, where you can't reach it

Step 3: Build It Together

if everything fits glue it together! :D

i put wooden blocks in the legs to make it more stable and heavy but rocks will also work.

Step 4: Paper Mache

cover your pig with a few layers of paper mache but don't cover the holes!

let it dry

Step 5: Paint It!

now it's time to paint your piggy ^^

(mine got a lot of bubbles under the paper mache when i painted it :( and i don´t know why)

i used black foil and white paper for the eyes and pink paper for some pink squares.

you can use different kind of pink and brown paper to make the squares instead of painting them.

use a layer of varnish when the paint has dried.

if you have a good printer you can print the papercraft template out and glue it on your pig.

Step 6: Finish!

your pig is now finished!
and im sure its hungry, go and feed it! ;)