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Hi, friends have you played the world famous game minecraft made by mojang Ltd. ,I tried my own version using block code technic and I made it using simple coding technics which are bit difficult !, so for our game I have used sprite lab, you can simply use it by signing in to and then click on the option create there will be option of spritelab click on that to use it and make this mind blower game.

Step 1: Step 1: Writing Your Code

While writing the code remember the rule of writing the code in block code technic and itself helps to write code properly using blocks, other and most important thing to remember is that you must know that it is an infinite running game so note that you must write code such a way that the player which is you should never go out of the screen .If you have played minecraft you will be knowing that the objects, enemies are spawned after some time so code like that, if you don't have knowledge of coding I am sharing a link of code -

Code for minecraft

Step 2: Step 2: Testing Whether It Works !

Writing the code isn't a big deal as its quite easy to write code but testing code is most difficult part as heart beat goes high and it becomes difficult to know whether it's correct or wrong without testing we can't know .So there is a button on the called run to test/run the program on it.

Step 3: Step 3:Playing and Enjoying !

We have written the code now lets test whether it works or not and if you didn't know to code you can use the code given by me .I am sure you will really be overjoyed to play minecraft because it's very enjoyable game as it is full of survival, for that you have to hunt, fight etc.

My game is full of survival if you hit the zombie you will get coal, if you hit iron golem you will get iron ingots and if you hit creeper you will get gun powder so on you can also hit cow, chicken, sheep etc.

But be cautious as at night the creepers and zombies are at hunt they slowly come near you if you come near a zombie it will kill you and if near a creeper it will explode !

I am sharing the link for playing the game online.

game (minecraft).

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