Introduction: Minecraft 20 Questions Game

Do you play Minecraft with friends, but don’t know what to do? Well, your in luck! Today I’ll show you how to make a 20 questions machine in Minecraft!


Sticky pistons
Redstone blocks
Redstone lamps
Block of your choice (optional)

Step 1: Starting the Build

So first, you’ll need to place down 5 sticky pistons facing away from you and then keep placing 5 rows of sticky pistons every three blocks as long as you want it.

Step 2: The Only Redstone.

So now, take out your Redstone blocks and place them in front of all of your sticky pistons. Also put levers behind your first row of pistons.

Step 3: Almost Done! ✅

Now that you have the Redstone, put your Redstone lamps 2 blocks away from the Redstone blocks at the end. Now cover up everything but the lamps (optional).

Step 4: The Final Step! (Placing the Signs)

So now, place the signs in either order saying the answers(yes, no, maybe, sometimes, and you guessed it). The guesser(s) go on the end with the Redstone lamps. Also, the signs on the guesser side go in the opposite order you put them on the person reciving the question’s side. Enjoy the build!