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So lets start the instructable with some Facts

#You can't open a chest if a cat is sitting on it

# Minecraft was originally called "Cave Game."

#Denmark recreated its entire nation in Minecraft.

#Minecraft reportedly sold a total of 122 million copies

Step 1: Finding Your 'Prints'

Before crafting our Mobs and Crafts,we need to find a template for what we want to actually build. I've compiled a multitude of templates ready to use.just pick what you want to do from below,most of them are easy but some can be challenging.

Day/Night/Ender Mobs.

Mini Creeper(Easy)

Mini Ender Dragon(Medium)

Mutant Skeleton(Hard)

Click here for more templates


Diamond Ore(Easy)



Click here for more templates

Step 2: Printing

Print the template you wish to build as you have now or change it's size with your desired measure in Microsoft Paint which is default in all Microsoft Computers or in Photoshop.

Step 3: Cutting!

This is pretty simple,all you have to do is cut them out following the outline.Make sure you don't cut the white flaps,we will be using them to hold the contraption together later on.

Step 4: Folding!

After you've cut your Paper Craft,you are going to do few holds before we start to glue.

The Paper Crafts are net of the shapes,to get the to their shape we need to fold them on every side.If you've done right,you should be able to hold the box together.

Step 5: Glueing!

Here we are!- Almost finished!

Glueings's pretty simple,all you have to do is take a glue and get just the tinniest amount on to white slips.Once the glue is on just stick it on the connecting square.

After you glue your Paper Craft give it time to dry(atleast 1 hr or so).After that you are all set to move on

Step 6: Continue Glueing!

Now that we have our body parts set,we need to put them together.

simply apply some glue onto the spots that will be connected to other parts,stick them together.This is really a fun part!


Step 7: Finished!

Thanks for going through this instructable.

Hoping you guys have done some sweet Paper Craft.

If you need any help,leave a comment,i will try to help as fast as i can. Signing off!,have a good day.

Thank you again.

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