Introduction: Voice Control Your Minecraft : GUIDE

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In this instructable i will be showing you how to voice control your Minecraft which is a world wide popular game.

You will be using GlovePIE, a fantastic free program that uses its own coding language. Don't worry, this coding language is very simple and easy to pick up.

After following this tutorial you should have the skills to code for any other game.

Here are the controls;

say walk- you will walk direction will work according to your mouse movement

say attack- for beating(enemies,wood etc)

say stop- you will stop

say jump-you will jump

say sneak-you will sneak

say pick block- for picking blocks

Note- will work only with microphone

Step 1: Download

First you need to install GlovePIE:

Click here to download the file.

Extract the downloaded zip and run the application

This step is pretty simple.

Step 2: Coding!

Ok now you just need to code!

if u like to learn coding then learn from the internet it is very simple

but now just download it from below

Step 3: RUN!

Now you are all set to go just click on run if there are any errors it will be highlighted but i have fixed it for you.

Step 4: ENJOY!

open the game and speak ,i guarantee you that it will work just sit on your chair play like a pro!

if u had any problems just comment below i will reply as fast as i can!

Thank you again!

hope u like it.

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