Introduction: Minecraft Block Candy Dispenser

This project was for the Minecraft challenge. This craft will show you how to make a Minecraft block shaped candy dispenser.

Cardboard lots of it
Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
Popsicle sticks or other types of it
Small rubber bands
Duck tape

Step 1:

First you need to cut 6 8 by 8 cardboard squares

Step 2:

Next cut 4 more of the 8 by 8 squares. Then cut the measurements on the picture.

Step 3:

Next with the 4 CUT OUTS hot glue them together like the pictures on the top.

Step 4:

Next you need to hot glue 4 of the boxes together like the one on top. Also the paper you need to roll it up with a pencil then put two holes on the same spots also you need to be carful to put the paper rod behind the hopper( the last step you did)

Step 5:

Next add the paper rod and hot glue a stopper at any side( the longer side is were you put the lever handle). Then you hot glue any size of lever you want.

Step 6:

Next you take the popsicle sticks and cut and hot glue any size that you want like the picture.

Step 7:

Sorry I forgot to take the pictures. Next you hot glue the hopper then put a stopper on the paper rod under the opening of the hopper for the candy.
Next you put the two popsicle sticks like the picture note the rubber band length needs to be enough so the rubber band can hold the stopper closed then put the rubber bands on note if it is too strong for the stopper then just do 1.

Step 8:

Next hot glue another piece of cardboard with closed sides on the bottom sloped towards the opening and take two small strips of cardboard and hot glue them like the ones in the middle.

Step 9:

Next cut a hole in the last 8 by 8 square and hot glue it on the candy dispenser. Then make the lid with the last piece of 8 by 8. Then finally decorate the block with any thing you want.

Step 10: The Last Step

Finally take the lid and duck tape and put the lid on and put the duck tape as the hinge

Hope you love this creation.

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