Introduction: Minecraft Conveyer Belt (Players Only)

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Hi, Im trying to enter (and win) the mine craft contest, so please, if you like this, please vote for me. Anyway, I've seen a lot of tutorials for conveyer belts, that are noisy, slow, and you walk on cake or something. I wanted to make something fancy, now I'm sorry for all of you survival mode users, but this is only for creative mode because of the command blocks. So now, anyway, please, enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my entire inventory, so this is what you need:

Command Blocks

Redstone Repeaters


also its not needed but pressure plates help to mark where you are building.

Step 2: Your Setups

For your setups, you need to place a timer, if possible, set at the fastest tick (hard to do) linked to however many command blocks you need. You need as many command blocks as however many sets of wooden or stone pressure plates you have, in the picture they are sets of three. In the picture, it doesn't show, but place command blocks under the block a pressure plate is on.

Step 3: Commands, Take One

So this is why you will need a timer. I don't know how to explain this, but you are making, basically two looks for the conveyer belt. for one side of the timer/command blocks use the command /fill (x1) (y1) (z1) (x2) (y2) (z2) (use the coordinates of the far left and far right of each set of pressure plates) and then either stone_pressure_plate or wooden_pressure_plate, alternating for each command block. then for the other side, do the exact opposite order of stone and wooden.

Step 4: Commands Take Two

For the command blocks under the pressure plates, use the command /tp @p ~1 ~ ~ or /tp @p ~ ~ ~1, experiment to figure out which will move you forward on your conveyer belt. After this YOU ARE DONE!!!! :D

Step 5: Notes

Just saying, DO NOT DESTROY THE BLOCK UNDER A PRESSURE PLATE. this will make it glitch out and random pressure plates will appear as dropped items, and the nearest player will be forced a direction for a large amount of time. If this happens, I have solved it by saying /summon PrimedTnt but not pressing enter while I was being sucked forward. When I got to the command blocks I hit enter and the redstone was destroyed, and I was saved! also if this doesn't work, just comment and I will try to answer them as good as possible. Thx for reading! :D

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