Introduction: Minecraft Crane

Today, I thought "hmmm... I want to build some houses and skyscrapers and stuff, but building a structure on its own is not realistic." So I went ahead and fixed that problem for you guys. hope you enjoy!!!

Step 1: Base

First, you want to build the base. You can add a vehicle if you want, but basically, you just do stairs going zig zag all the way to the top.

Step 2: Controll Room

Next, you want to build an oval on the top, make sure that the bottom of it is 1 block wider on each side than the tower

Step 3: Armiez Up My Sleeviez

After you build the control room, build 1 layer of the tower on top of it. Then build the arm on top of that. if you want, you can even add a rope attached to something.

Step 4: Weight

On the back of the crane, add a little rounded cube. (hmmm... rounded? Minecraft? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! x_x)

Step 5: WHATEVAR!!!!!

CONGRATS!!!! You are now done building!! You can now do what ever you want to do with the crane. As you see above, I built 4 houses inside of it. Seeya!!!