Introduction: Minecraft Entertainment Room

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Ever just sit down and think: "Man, I wish I could just kick back and watch tv in Minecraft." We'll you should. This instructable includes: a couch, a TV, and a surround sound system. Enjoy!

Step 1: Choose Wisely

Build a big wall and put a bunch of paintings on it. Then choose the one that you think would work the best for your tv. I choose the one with the two karate people fighting.

Step 2: Subtitles (optional)

Think of subtitles to put on your tv. It's optional but adds pizzaz to the whole thing.

Step 3: TV

Now you need to actually make the tv. Build a bench using slabs and blocks of the same type. Then use coal blocks to build the tv. Use the pictures to help you.

Step 4: Start the Movie

So now add the subtitles and the painting together. When you put the subtitles on the tv feel free to change them a bit. Put the signs on, then the painting. If you don't do it in that order, it won't work.

Step 5: Stereo

Put two blocks of black wool in the middle of your table for a stereo. Then add a gate in front of it and open the gate. Those will be knobs.(don't worry about the purple next to it.)

Step 6: Speakers

What would be a surround sound system without speakers? Decide where you want your speakers to go, the place two coal blocks there. Cover the coal blocks in trapdoors, except for the lower part, facing the tv.

Step 7: Wires(optional)

This step is to add wires from the stereo to the speakers. Again it's optional but adds a little pizzaz. Cut wholes in the floor where you want your wires to go. Then, place signs in the wholes. The tops of the signs will be the wires, so make sure to place them correctly. Finally, add carpet on top to finish it.

Step 8: Couch

What, we're you thinking we're just gonna sit on the floor or carpet? Heck no! For the first part of the couch just use stairs to make a little sitting area. Then, use more stairs and slabs to make it comfy. Use the pictures for reference.

Step 9: Carpet

Place carpet everywhere you can, then, place wool under the places you can't. Congrats your done! Enjoy it!