Introduction: Minecraft Football Idea

This is my tenth instructable, and I am going to take a new approach on it. Instead of telling you how to do something, I am going to tell you an idea that you can modify and use it however you want.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

You will need,

  • uniforms, (i would use dyed leather armor)
  • a field(i built mine out of wool)
  • some swords(i enchanted mine so they would kill one hit)
  • and some bows and arrows(I enchanted mine so they wouldn't break)

Step 2: Play: Uniforms

I thought that each team could grab a different color of armor to be their jerseys.

Step 3: Play: Quarterback

Then, the quarterback gets a bow and some arrows, and heads out onto the field. He passes the ball by shooting his receiver. Then, to pitch, he shoots behind him to his running back.

Step 4: Play: Tackling and Blocking

The linemen and all defensive players grab swords. To tackle, they hit the person with the ball until they die. You may not tackle any other person who doesn't have the ball. Then, to determine where the line of scrimmage is, they find out where the farthest forward object from their inventory is.

Step 5: Play: Touchdowns and Field Goals

To score a touchdown, one of the items from the players inventory needs to be in the end zone, or the player has to be in the end zone with the ball. To score a field goal, I put markers where you have to shoot from. The players will have to shoot an arrow straight down the middle of the field goal to score. Just as long as it makes it over the bottom bar, and between the two top bars, it is a score.

Step 6: Done

That's all I can think of right now, so go on and make it your own game! If you can, please leave your ideas in the comments section so I can improve my game to.

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