Introduction: Minecraft House

First go out and explore for some flat ground and find some flat ground and get ready to build.

Step 1:

Then you dig the a layer of dirt out of the ground by holding holding down the position with your thumb on your phone. Then you use a sturdy material from your inventory such as wood to fill up where you dug from step 2.

Step 2:

Then you build four columns to hold up the house by going to each corner and tapping with your thumb once until it had stacked up at least 4 times. Then repeat in each corner

Step 3:

Then fill in the space between the columns to be your walls by tapping each block on the columns until it reaches the other side .

Step 4:

Then you put a door so you can enter the house by digging out 2 blocks and going to the inventory and picking tapping on the door and then filling up the whole with the door.

Step 5:

you dig out some 4 blocks and fill them with glass. Then you have some windows in to get some light in your house.

Step 6:

Repeat step 5 on the other side of the house.

Step 7:

Then you fill in the roof by using material you have been using to fill in be using the same process as step 3.

Step 8:

You put some torches in as a light source during the long nights. Then hang them on the wall by using them and tapping them on the wall.

Step 9:

Add a bed so u can rest during the night to make time go faster.

Step 10:

Also you should add a painting to look fancy and for gest.(hint hint)

Step 11:

Add a rug for the hard wooden floor.

Step 12:

Then you might want to add a tree and you are done with an awesome house.