Introduction: Minecraft Inspired Desk

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Minecraft in real life is real fun! Here is a fun piece of minecraft inspired furniture that i built for Astor Services. I really enjoyed building this custom piece of furniture for the kids to enjoy. And i hope that you enjoy this video!! And HUGE thanks to Hilarie Burton and Jeffery Dean Morgan for all they do for ASTOR. - ADOPT A ROOM

Step 1: Cut Out

First I cut out hundreds of 3 inch squares of plastic laminate

Step 2: Built the Frame

I used plywood and assembled it all together

Step 3: Sword

I shaped the diamond sword to replicate the sword from the game

Step 4: Router Up the Edges

After laying down the laminate I used a trim Router to flush it all up

Step 5: Epoxy

I poured a 2 part epoxy over the entire piece to make it shine!

Step 6: Delivery

My wife and I delivered the pieces to New York and donated it to some great kids at Astor Services

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