Introduction: Minecraft Luxury Fountain

This is a Minecraft fountain which has multiple water streams and 4 water droplet makers (square water droplets). In this Instructable, I will show you how to make this cool looking fountain.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The picture above shows what materials you will need, but not the quantity. Note the Redstone does not have to be lit.

For my design you will need:

  • Chiseled quartz
  • Quartz
  • Quartz stairs
  • Quartz slabs
  • Sticky pistons
  • Redstone
  • Redstone Reapeaters
  • Redstone torches
  • Water

Step 2: Fountain Base

This step will be entirely out of quartz stairs. To make the base of the Fountain:

  1. Take the quartz stairs and make a line of 5
  2. 1 block behind the stairs take the stairs 3 out
  3. Make a line going 3 blocks in making sure not to go out to the side anymore
  4. Go out to the side 1block and make a line going back 5 blocks
  5. Go in 1 block and bring the stairs back 3 blocks
  6. Do the same for he other side
  7. Go in 3 blocks making sure not to go out, do the same on the other side
  8. Fill the remaining gap 1 block behind everything else, cover all of the stairs in quartz slabs

Step 3: Redstone Pit and Redstone

To make the Redstone Pit and Redstone the location of the pit needs to be exact.

  1. Dig 3 blocks down in the center and 3 down in a straight line to one wall.
  2. Dig 2 additional blocks 3 deep along the wall, (one will be under the wall).
  3. Dig 3 blocks towards the middle 3 deep and clear the rest of the blocks between the 2 lines. NOTE: be sure to stop 2 blocks before the middle.
  4. Put redstone in each corner of the rectangle and one redstone out toward the center. NOTE: do not put redstone IN the center.
  5. Put 6 repeaters in between the 4 corner pieces of redstone, click each one 3 times to put them on full tick.
  6. Add any block (other than glass) in the middle and top with a redstone torch.
  7. Dig one block next to any piece of redstone and put a redstone torch in. All your redstone should be lit.
  8. Remove the torch from the side of the redstone.
  9. Remove and replace one piece of redstone so that you have one redstone and 2 or 3 repeaters not lit.

Congratulations you just made a redstone timer.

Step 4: Finishing Base and Tower

To finish the Base and start the Tower:

  1. Remove one layer of earth and replace all with quartz but not the center piece over the torch. This finishes the base.
  2. Now, to build the tower. Cover the center hole with any block (not glass) and add a torch, building up, alternate a block topped with a torch until you have 5 torches showing.
  3. Build 4 towers out of chiseled quartz 7 blocks tall around the center blocks and torches.
  4. Place 4 sticky pistons pointing out around the top torch.

Step 5: Starting the Fountain Head

For this step the only material used is Chiseled Quartz. To start the Fountain Head:

  1. Place 8 blocks around on the level below the sticky pistons.
  2. Place one block on the end of each sticky piston and blocks between each piston.
  3. On the next level, put 13 blocks on top of tower in a 3x3 square and one out each side above the pistons.
  4. Place one block on top in the center

Step 6: Finishing the Fountain

To finish the Fountain:

  1. On the same level of the pistons build out and around each piston with chiseled quartz.
  2. Add 3 slabs to the ends of each wing.
  3. Add blocks of quartz to the corners of the layer above the pistons and slabs on top of the 8 block just placed.
  4. Place water on top of center block and in each corner that does not fill.
  5. You can fill the base with water to remove any streams.

Enjoy your fountain!!

Step 7: Fountain Care and Maintenance

Now that you made your cool fountain, you may find that sometimes when you open your world the plates of water might not be plates but be streams that are cut off. To fix this, just dig under ground and find the redstone pit. To fix the problem, just run through the starting process to re-create the timer. However, you may still like how the fountain looks before the restart. It's completely up to you. Enjoy!

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