Introduction: Minecraft: Make a Battle Tower (For Survival Mode)

This is a guide to making a battle tower. Mostly useful for Minecraft Maps, but can also be used as a house after some alterations. Anyways, follow me for more updates on other How to's in Minecraft!

Step 1: The Required Materials

The important required stuff will be (consider about 20 to 30 of the items),

  1. Stone
  2. Granite
  3. Diorite
  4. Andesite
  5. Cobblestone
  6. Mossy Cobblestone
  7. Cobblestone Wall
  8. Mossy Cobblestone Wall

And the stuff for decoration or making the tower realistic will be (about 1 to 10 of the items).

  1. Ladders
  2. Vines
  3. Oak Fence
  4. Torch
  5. Crafting Table
  6. Furnace
  7. Chest
  8. Bed
  9. Iron Door
  10. Iron Pressure Plate

Step 2: Making the Base

Follow the images along with the instructions (images will be numbered, so that they correspond to the steps). Also, there might be many alterations to the tower, so that there is no confusion. They way I write might also be confusing, so remember what part makes sense, see the image corresponding to it, and if it still doesn't make sense, comment on this :)

  1. Firstly, dig a 2×2×2 blocks hole (2 blocks deep, wide and long).
  2. Then, replace the dirt around the hole with stone and remove the dirt around the hole on the ground. (Follow the image, this might be confusing).
  3. Then, replace the dirt in 4×4 arrangement and the dirt next to the 4×4 arrangement around the hole and replace the surrounding with stone again. (Follow the image, this might be confusing).
  4. Then replace the ground dirt that is two blocks away from the arrangement with stone. (means the 2×4 dirt next to each side of the 4×4 arrangement).
  5. Then replace the dirt in the corner with stone (means the 3 blocks dirt closest to the arrangement, between each pair of sides).
  6. Then, place a stone boundary around the monument (the height will be one block).
  7. Then, place another layer of stone on the stone boundary, and outside it. (Check the image).

Now for the Tower!

Step 3: Making the Tower

The tower is SUPER easy. The images will correspond to the Steps.

  1. Place cobblestone around the original hole (2×2 gap in the centre)
  2. The minimum height of the tower should be 6 blocks, the maximum height should be 10+ blocks, but the height is basically up to you.
  3. Now, make the tower's upper floor with a one block gap in the centre. The floor should like a shadow to the base floor below it.
  4. Now line up the edges with cobblestone wall.
  5. Now place the blocks between the sides, and leave some spaces there. (Follow the image, this might be confusing).
  6. Finally, make leave a 2 block gap below the tower for the door.

All done here! All left are the decorations and Final Details.

Step 4: Decorating the Tower and Base

This will be to try to make the Tower and Base more realistic.

  1. Replace the stone with granite, diorite and andesite to make it more colorful. The blocks should be in a wave-like arrangement.
  2. Replace the dirt with the blocks to make it look like the stones are "curling into" the dirt. Again, they should be in a wave like arrangement.
  3. Replace the cobblestone with mossy cobblestone. It makes the tower look old
  4. Replace the cobblestone wall with mossy cobblestone wall. Same reason.
  5. Place vines on the mossy cobblestone. Don't place it inside the tower, it looks bad (according to me, remember, it's your wish how you create it).

Now, the last, and final touches!

Step 5: Final Touch!

Not much, but it does look good after it!

  1. Make 2×2 way in any side of the base, add oak fences to each side and a torch on it.
  2. Add furnace, chest and crafting table inside the tower. You can add the bed on a mini-floor in the tower, but I doubt that it won't look good.
  3. Add ladders inside the tower, so that you can climb to the top.
  4. Light up the place! Add torches inside the tower, on the top and on the base.
  5. Finally, add an iron door and two iron pressure plates behind and before it.

Step 6: Ta Da! Your Tower's Been Made!

If you have any doubts, wanna thank me, want more of this, blah blah blah, comment on this! Have a good day! :D