Introduction: Minecraft Mansion

This Instructable is about building a large Minecraft mansion. The finished mansion will be three stories tall and have a separate stable.

Step 1: First Story: Part 1

The first thing in building the mansion is to choose two colors and a wood: a main color that will be used for most of the building, an accent color for details, and a wood that contrasts pleasantly with the other materials. I have chosen lime stained clay, wool, and dark oak wood.

Next, as shown in picture 1, build an outline of all your rooms on the first floor, including the entry/stair room, living room, kitchen, and dining room. Then, as shown in pictures 2 and 3, build with the accent blocks around each doorway and window, filling the windows with glass blocks. The living room windows should mostly be tall, pointed windows, since the living room will be two stories high and fairly separate from the rest of the house.

Then, raise the walls to a height of 5 blocks, using the main color. Place glowstone lamps in the corners of each room one block below the highest block in the wall except the living room. Glowstone lamps are built by placing glowstone, then placing and closing trapdoors on all faces except the bottom face, and then placing a slab of your chosen wood underneath. There is a picture of a glowstone lamp in picture 5.

Step 2: First Story: Part 2

Now it is time for interior decorations on the first story. For the stair room, make a stairway out of your chosen wood. For the kitchen, make a counter out of your wood and some crafting tables. Cover it with carpet for a counter. In the middle of the kitchen, build a few furnaces and place and close trapdoors on all sides of them except the top. Put carpet on top as you did for the counter. For the dining room, make a table out of stairs and slabs and cover it with a carpet tablecloth. Make chairs with item frames and stair blocks as shown in picture 5.

Then add a ceiling over all the rooms except the stairway and living room. This ceiling should start at the block above the lamps.

Step 3: Second and Third Story

Outline the second story rooms the same way you did for the first story, except this time there will be fewer rooms, just two bedrooms, the stair room, and a hallway between all of them. Put in windows the same way you did earlier and add walls too. Bring the walls of the living room up to the same height as those for the second story and put a roof on it using your chosen wood.

Decorate the living room with a box with an animal inside behind glass (a TV), a huge sofa, and chandeliers and interesting lamp arrangements. The hallways should have lamps in them and so should the bedrooms. The bedrooms should have decorations like beds (as shown in picture 7), flower pots, and paintings. The stair room should be the same except with the stairs on the other side. Add a ceiling.

Build the third floor the same way you built the second floor, except one bedroom should have a balcony.

Step 4: The Roof

Before you begin the roof, make sure that your building looks like Picture 1.

Then, build two gables on either end of the roof as shown in Pictures 2-3. Place glowstone in lines along the edge of the roof. Add stairs along the edge as shown in Picture 4. Repeat this until you come to a point at which there is a 1 block space between to sets of stair blocks. There, place slabs in between as shown in Picture 7. Then continue adding rows of stair blocks until you finish the roof.

Congratulations! You have finished the house! Now comes the landscaping and stable.

Step 5: Stable

First, find a place for the stable around the back of the house. After doing that, build an outline for the stable with two rooms as shown in the pictures. Place accent blocks around doorways and add windows, just like you did for the house. Place torches inside for lighting, and use hay bales for the floor. Build with fences outside of each room to create small paddocks. Add a simple roof to the top of the stable.

Step 6: Landscaping

Build a fence around the house and stable, leaving plenty of room between the buildings and fence. Build a winding path edged with stone slabs to the edge of the fence and add a gate and some plants and maybe some hedges made of leaves around your path.

Now place spruce saplings in 2x2 and 1 block squares near the back of the house, with single sapling squares near the sides of the house as shown in Picture 7. Now go to each square or single sapling and click on them with the use item button while holding bone meal. This will cause trees to grow from the saplings. The trees will form a forest around the house, with taller, thicker trees at the back and smaller, thinner trees at the front.

You have now finished building a Minecraft mansion!

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