Introduction: Minecraft Mansion

ok your going to need supplies





glass (colored is optional)

Step 1: Start

ok we will start with the stairs

put down two stairs next to each other

behind place the planks of your choice

put stairs above them

just like the pictures show

Step 2: The Floor

now to start the floor you must do a 2x2 block of your choice behind the stairs

the floor is 8x7 shown in the picture

Step 3: Now Front Wall :)


build 9 blocks high from right next to a corner of the floor

do the same on the other side

now with the glass outline a doorway

fill up the space untill you reach the top of the logs

Step 4: Side Walls

use planks and build 6 blocks across


follow what the pictures say my fingers hurt :|

Step 5: Back Wall Oof

follow pics pls

oh and stick is 15 block high

Step 6: Stairs :)

Step 7: Floor 2

Step 8: Side Walls

Step 9: Floor2 Front Wall

Step 10: Roof