Introduction: Minecraft Models in Sketch Up

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I've always been a fan of Minecraft, and now that I have been getting more involved with SketchUp I decided to put together this instructable to build Minecraft models. It isn't very complicated, but following this will allow you to create larger models quickly. You can even put a small Minecraft model in your model home or put your home model in an actual Minecraft scene!

This video is a time lapse of the creation of this instructable:

Step 1: Create the Base

This block will serve as the base to create other blocks.

Create a square that is 12"x12". Then use the Push/Pull tool to pull the face of that square up to 10".

Select all the faces and lines to create a component to use as the base block.

Step 2: Color the Base

Edit the component you previously created and color it a dirt color using the SketchUp colors and textures.

Then create a new face on top of that base that is 12"x12". Use the Push/Pull tool to pull that face up 2" to create the "top block".

Save that block as another component.

Step 3:

Color that top block to create a dirt texture. Duplicate that component and repeat the process to make a grass texture block.

Select a base block with a top block to then create a "dirt block" or "grass block" as you would find in Minecraft.

Step 4: Create More Blocks

Repeat Step 1 creating cubes that are 12"x12" but that are now 12" high instead of the shorter ones in Step 1.

Color these with a stone and wood texture that are found in the SketchUp toolbar. Save them as components that you can use, "stone block" and "wood block".

Step 5: Create the Minecraft World

Now that you have the components created, you can drag them from the component window onto your work space to create any Minecraft world you would like. Something that speeds up creating this world is to select multiple blocks and to copy them all together by clicking with the Move tool and pressing "Ctrl" before you put them in their final place. This will copy large groups of blocks and allow you to get creative much quicker with your SketchUp Minecraft World!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and in case you missed the video of this process in time lapse, you may find it here:

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