Introduction: Minecraft Obsidian Generator

This is a Minecraft obsidian generator that works in all versions of Minecraft. It's also reusable! The pictures and instruction are for a Generator that makes six obsidian

Step 1: Materials

You need: 1 bucket of water for each obsidian block you intend to make, At least 1 bucket of water, and Approximately 50 fireproof blocks of your choice A lot of flat land ( IMPORTANT the water holder only needs to be one block deep, but the lava one needs to be two )

Step 2: Water Holder

This will work in almost any size, as long as it contains water. One block high will do. ( I made mine two high so i could put a cobblestone floor in it.

Step 3: Lava Holder

It needs to be right next to the water holder, with only one row of blocks separating the two. It also needs to be a block lower than the water holder, so the water gets to the lava first. I made a step between the lava and water holders on the lava side so the water has a place to run The lava holder needs to be two blocks deep so the lava has a higher wall around it. ( IMPORTANT- You need to place the lava one a square- for example, if I wanted to make 6 obsidian, I would make the lava holder two blocks wide and three blocks long - six blocks space, and I would put one bucket of lava in each block space, to make six blocks. )

Step 4: Usage

To use, destroy one of the blocks separating the water from the step. If done correctly, the water will flow over the lava, turning it into obsidian. I hope this works for you.

Step 5: Thanks!

The pics aren't perfect but thanks for viewing! THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!