Introduction: Minecraft PE Furniture/design Ideas (pictures)

Minecraft gives you tons of things to do. You can build houses, mine for valuables, explore temples- you really can just be creative! However, when it comes to building a house, you have limited furniture options. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks on how to build some cool furniture in minecraft.

Step 1: A Cool TV

- Add a 4x6 ( or however large you want your tv to be) frame.
-Make a room behind the frame. You can use any block, but I chose clay.
-Go one block down and add glow stone. Then, cover the glow stone with carpet.
- Spawn a few villagers and name your tv show. Make sure to put a fence so your characters don't escape- we don't need that 3D kinda television!

Step 2: Kitchen

{This is a pretty basic kitchen, but it's looks nice.}
• Add some bookshelves. Then place trap doors over the shelves and VIOLÁ! Cabinets :)
• Put a cauldron down, then fill it with water. Use a trip wire hook as a faucet. For a double sink, use two cauldrons.
• Luckily, minecraft comes equipped with a stove. Just place a furnace!
• Dig one block down and place a chest. Then, place 2 blocks of iron on top of the chest. Then place a door. Open the door and delete the bottom iron block. Use the secret chest to store valuables or food! :)

Step 3: Chandelier

This is going to sound really hard, but trust me- it's easy. You have to have a pyramid roof like in the first picture to make this kind of chandelier, but feel free to expiriement with different types of ceiling as and designs.
1)Put a single end rod on the highest point of your pyramid ceiling.
2)Then, put two end rods on top of each other on the next level. ( see third picture)
3)Then, add a glow stone on the end of each end rod you put. ( see fourth picture)
Here comes the confusing part:
4)Add another glowstone on the other two glow stone you just added. Now you should have 2 end rods with 2 glow stones attached.
5)Put another glow stone in between the two you just put. ( picture 5)

Step 4: Decoration

{This is better used for an empty space. You can really play around with the design and colors.}
-First, make a 4x3 frame with any kind of block you want. I used white stained clay.
-Put a large chest in the empty space. ( if you want the chest to function, make a 4x4 frame instead)
-Put item frames all around the structure. Then put any color block you want or make a pattern inside the frames. ( If you want to tilt it like I did, tap on the frame again.)
-Put flowers pots and flowers on top to add an extra level of decor.

*tip- Have the color you use match the room you are putting this in.

Step 5: Toilet/garbage Dispenser

-Dig one block down.
-Place a cauldron inside the hole, and fill the cauldron with water.
-Place a trap door over your cauldron. (If this doesn't work, then place a trap door directly next to your previous hole, and repeat the process on the block next to your old toilet. Then, fill in your old toilet.)
-Place a lever next to the toilet as a flusher/ opener-of-the-tiolet-seat ;)

Step 6: Hot Tub ( Indoor/outdoor)

-Start by digging a hole. The length, width, and depth are all up to you.
-Then, fill your hole to the top with water.
-Destroy the bottom layer of blocks and replace them with redstone ore.
-At one end of your hot tub, put 2 stacks of 2 red stone ore next to each other, but make sure to leave a space in the middle. Then, from the middle of the blocks move one space back and put another stack of two. ( see picture 4)
-Take a water bucket and place the water in between the stacks to make a water fall.
--Enjoy your hot tub!

Thank you for reading my first instructable! Please leave any messages/feedback for me in the comments. No hate please :( Try out theses designs, they really do bring out the most in a home. If this gets popular, I might do some more minecraft tips!