Introduction: Minecraft PE Zombie Trap

This is my first instructable for Minecrafters. Ever been attacked by so many zombies that you don't know where to go? Ever wanted to torture those brain-eating creatures without getting hurt?
If the answer is "Yes!!!" then this instructable is just for you !

Step 1: Step 1: Finding the Right Place.

For your trap you will need a large flat surface, if you can't find any, you could build your own by breaking some blocks.

Step 2: Building the Hideout (Optional)

1. Build a wall. (2×4)
2. Build another one forming an "L" shaped wall.
3. Build a 3rd one forming a U shaped wall.
4. Close the opening with some doors.

Step 3: Building the Trap

1. Dig 2 blocks down holes in each side of your door.
2. Continue digging aroung the house.
Don't dig less or more than 2 blocks. If less they can get out. If more you can't kill them anymore.
If you fall in the hole, you can place bricks and climb your way up.
(Unless the hole is really really deep they will die when they hit the ground. But make sure that after you dig it you can get out)

Step 4: How to Use It

Now basically you can just hide inside, but if you skipped building the house, it becomes more fun. Zombies will try to reach you but can't. So all you have to do is grab a weapon and start swingin'.

Step 5: Make It Easier to Keep the Zombies Out of Your House.

To make this easier, you can dig the few blocks that you have left in front of your door and replace them with a glass bridge (Use glass because it's easier to break).
But don't forget to dig 2 blocks down before building the glass bridge.