Introduction: Minecraft Pe Cheat

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So today I will be teaching YOU to clone items in Minecraft PE. You can clone whatever item you want from dirt to diamonds. This does not require jailbreak or a computer .

Step 1: Materials

These are the stuff you will need to do this glitch

-A chest

-What you are going to clone

-Two devices


Step 2: Collect What You Want to Clone

The first step is simply to collect what you want to clone. This may take a very long time, but don't give up have patience.

Step 3: Build a Chest (Single or Double)

Build a chest to put you're stuff in. Put the material you want to clone inside it.

Step 4: Cloning (at Last)

Grab your second device and join your minecraft game. When both devices are joined access the chest on both screens, than tap (or hold if you have more than two of something) the item on both screens and if you both get the item you wanted to clone, then that means you have successfully cloned. Keep on doing this but hold the item on both screens at the same time.

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Step 5: Repeat

Repeat step 4 until you feel satisfied.

Step 6: Saving Time

To save time (something we all need to do) if you're cloning ingots change them into block and clone 64 you will have around 500 ingots it's really helpful. This came to my attention by mitch1742, follow him he's awesome