Introduction: Minecraft Pixel Candle

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This Instructable shows, how you can build a pixel candle out of crayons and old wax.

All you need is a pixel design (think of one for yourself or google them), crayons in the correct colour and old candles which you do not need anymore (you can also buy candle wax somewhere).


- Crayons

- Wax

- Some kind of metal pot (you can also use an old can)

- A wick (simple wool also works as a wig)

Step 1: The Design

When you have your design ready, simply cut the crayons into slices. I used a sharp and thin knife. Make sure your pieces aren't too thin, as they tend to break into half (my pieces have roundabout half a centimeter each).

After you have enough pieces of the right colour, lay them flat onto aluminium foil in the design you chose. Know you need the old candles. As this side will be the face side later, you should choose white candles of the same colour (for example the wax which remains in tea candles after they burnt out). Melt this wax in an old pot or the tea candle pot, and pour it onto the design. Be careful, as the crayon pieces move easily if you pour too fast.

Pour as much wax onto your design as you need to have a nice thick front, which wont break if you lift the aluminum foil. If you use other wax colours than white to fill the candle later, make sure your front is at least 0,5cm thick. Otherwise the different colours will shine through (see last step, it happened to me).

Step 2: The Candles "body"

After the design has dried, you can cut the unnecessary wax with a knife. If you damage the foil in this step, make sure to put tape over these damaged foil parts, as wax will pour out later if you don't.

Now you can fold the foil into the form you want for your candle. Make sure your design is at the front of your candle or at the bottom.

To get the wick ready, you either buy one, or you simply take a piece of wool (it will suck up the wax, while you pour it into your candle).

If your design is at the bottom: Pour the wax into the container until the candle is halfway filled. Let the wax dry until it is warm and not hot anymore. Now take the wick and press it into the warm wax. After that, pour in the rest of the wax.

If your design is at the front: Put a hole into the bottom of your aluminium foil and attach the wick on the bottom. Don't forget to seal this part with tape. Turn around the aluminium foil container and attach the wick with a wire on the top, so that it is straight in your candle.

Step 3: Pour the Wax

After you finished the form with the wick, you can melt the old candles. Make sure to remove the old wicks, as they don't look nice in the candle.

When the wax is molten, pour it into the form.

If your design is at the bottom: Be careful when pouring in the 1st centimeters, as they could melt your design. After that you can pour in all the wax (don't pour it all at the same spot, that could damage the design). Don't forget to insert the wick after you filled the container half way!!!

If your design is at the front: Don't pour in all the wax at once, as it is hot enough to melt your design at the front. Pour it in half to whole centimeter steps. Make sure the wax is hard before you pour in more wax.

Step 4: The Candle

When you poured all your wax into the candle, you can remove the aluminium foil. There may be some wax in front of the design. If that's the case, take a knife and shave down thin layers of wax, until the design is uncovered. You should also remove some wax from the base to give the candle a better stand.

Now you can enjoy the candle!

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