Introduction: Minecraft Pocket Edition Mob Cannon

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Today I'm going to show how to make a cannon that can shoot any mob animals, monster, or yourself!
You can also make this in PC and Xbox version

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:
1. Any building block
2. Any mobs
3. Cows

Step 2: Create a Platform

First create a 3 by 4 platform out of any building block.

Step 3: Load the Cows

Create two funnels out of any building block and fill them with cows. (It's okay if the cows head are sticking out)

Step 4: Fill in the Holes

Fill in any uneccesary openings or holes but keep one of the sides open.

Step 5: Launch!

Simply just place a mob in the hole and kit will launch (note: sometimes a mob will not launch if this occurs punch the mob so it falls off and try again)

Step 6: Launch Yourself!

You can also launch yourself! Just jump into the hole and you'll launch to!