Introduction: Minecraft Remote Control Fountain


Today we will be making a Minecraft Fountain that can be controlled from the shore of your river/lake/pond!

One button turns it on or off.

Note that you will need access to command blocks!

Here's what you'll need!

5x Stone brick

1x Dispenser

1x Water bucket

1x Classic Command Block

1x Chain Command Block

1x Button

Step 1: Build Your Tower

Find your pond, river, lake, ect. Build a tower of stone brick where you want the fountain, then add a dispenser on the top (the dispenser should be two blocks above the water). Add a bucket of water to the dispenser.

Step 2: Commands

Give yourself 1 command block ( /give @p 137 1 ), and 1 chain command block ( /give @p 211 1 ).

Now press [F3] and look at the block under the dispenser. Write down the "Looking At" coordinates.

Now go to land and place the command blocks as picture 3-4 show.

(Picture 5)Write into your classic command block the following: setblock <block coords> redstone_block

(Picture 6)Write into your chain command block the following: setblock <block coords> stonebrick

Now add a button before the classic command block (picture 7).

Step 3: Hide Command Block (Optional)

Now we will put the command blocks underground. If you're fine with them not hidden then skip this step.

Now to move our command blocks,

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Middle Mouse] on each command block (Picture 1). Now check your inventory, if you hover over the command blocks there should be purple text saying "+NBT", if so, you did it right.

Now Dig a hole according to Picture 2 where you want the button to control your fountain.

Next, go into the hole and place the blocks according to Picture 3.

Now will in the hole (Picture 4), and add a button.

Step 4: You're Done!

You're done! Now try it out! You're button should turn the fountain on when pressed, then when pressed again off.