Introduction: Minecraft School

I'll be showing how to make a minecraft school in a few steps. This can serve as a elementary, middle or high school depending on how you want it be. I'll also show several design ideas for rooms.

Step 1: 1. Build Your Rectangle

I built my school longways so that's what I'll be showing. I did about 15-20 blocks long for the width and the length was about 40 blocks. I recommend brick for the walls but stones or maybe quartz would work too. I used a glass roof so I didn't have to bother with light for the hallways or classrooms. I used Andesite (One of the new stones, This one is gray) for my floor.

Step 2: 2. Add Your Classrooms

Build about 10 blocks long and 6 blocks wide with stone brick walls and glass ceilings again to provide light. I used different floors for different classrooms. In the front of the classroom put either green clay or quartz for a chalkboard/white erase boards.

Step 3: 3. (Optional) Main Office or Principal's Office

Make this room fancier and nicer than the rest since it is an office. I used Quartz (I quite like this block in you haven't noticed, haha) for the walls and nice windows lined with jungle wood. I put a few school related notes behind the desk (How long the periods are and such) to remind myself.

Step 4: 4. Decorate!

I recommend putting signs outside the doors to your classroom showing what is where before you start building so you can stay organized. If you're wondering where the gym and cafeteria is I'll get to that next.

Step 5: 5. Gym and Cafeteria

I placed both of these outside as it never really turns into winter in minecraft. I placed a soccer field down that can be easily turned into a football field or basketball court. I also placed a running track down around the field. I moved the cafeteria close to it behind one of the classrooms with a path leading to it so it's easy to find. I used stairs for seats and wood blocks for tables. I also added a table with cake for hot lunch.

Step 6: 6. Lockers/Announcement Board/Stuff

This step is basically final touches. Line part of your walls with lockers, add an announcement board in the hallways, windows, lamps, flower boxes, etc. Have fun building and thanks for checking this out! :)
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