Introduction: Minecraft Stove Top

Welcome to this tutorial. This stove can be turned off and on by using a redstone switch. The stove can not actually cook things but is a nice kitchen appliance, and can easily be turned off and on.

Step 1: Make a Hole

First, dig a 2x1 hole in the ground that is 2 blocks deep. Make this hole where you want the stove to be.

Step 2: Add Dispenser and Netherack

Then, at the bottom of the hole, add a dispenser. Add a block of netherack on top of the didpenser. Connect a redstone switch to the dispenser and put the switch anywhere outside of the hole. Put as many fire charges as you want in the dispenser.

Step 3: Make the Base

Using any non flamable material, build a base around the piece of netherack as shown in the picture. Then, add a iron trapdoor to the base that is always down.

Step 4: Add a Piston

Add a STICKY piston on the opposite side that the switch is on. Put the piston by the base.

Step 5: Time for Water

Build a pocket that fits one block of water behind the base using the same material you used for the base.

Step 6: The Final Step

Add a switch to the top of the contraption on the opposite side of the piston. Destroy the first switch you made. Connect both the piston and the dispenser to the same switch using redstone dust.

Use the switch on top to turn the stove off and on. I hope you liked this tutorial and stove.