Introduction: Minecraft - Surviving Your First Day

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Hello! Today I am going to show how to survive your first day in minecraft.

Here is the Minecraft trailer!

Also, here is a table of blocks for Minecraft.

Step 1: Spawn

When you spawn, go to the nearest tree and punch it to cut down.

Step 2: Building a House

Put a block of wood in your crafting grid to get wood planks. Next, use four wood planks to make a crafting table. After that, use the crafting table to make a door with six blocks of wood planks. Finally, make a house out of wood planks.

Step 3: Tools

First, use two blocks of wood planks to make sticks. Second, use one stick and two wood planks to make a sword. Third, use two sticks and three wood planks to make a pic. Next, use two sticks and three wood planks to make an axe. After that, use two sticks and and two wood planks to make a hoe. Then, go find some sheep, and punch them. Finally, make a bed out of three wool and three wood planks, now go to sleep

Step 4: Farm and Mine

First, use a hoe by water to get the soil ready. Second, place some seeds(Break grass to get them). Next, break and use three wheat in a crafting table to make bread. Now, dig a spiral staircase down until you find iron ore and coal. Then, mine the coal and make torches with a stick and coal. Lastly, mine the iron ore and smelt it in a furnace(eight blocks of cobblestone around a crafting grid) and use it to make a pic.

Bye guys, please look at my other minecraft instructables.