Introduction: Minecraft TNT Clock

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This is a cool Minecraft themed cover for a working clock. Not only is it simple to make, but it also looks great when it is finished! It is great for your typical Minecrafter!!!

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need the following:

A small digital clock (with red LED numbers)
A cardboard box (cube shaped)
Lego bricks
A glue stick
A utility knife
A ruler
A few pieces of paper - NOT SHOWN IN PHOTO

NOTE: The box must be large enough to contain the clock.

Step 2: Measuring

Start by measuring the height of the box after the cover has been removed and the box has been turned upside down. Divide that measurement by 2 to get the midpoint of the box. Then use some spare Lego bricks to construct a stand to raise the clock to the midpoint of the box. The stand you construct should be big enough to raise the clock to the desired height, yet small enough so that the box can still cover it along with the clock. This step will vary quite a lot depending on what type of clock and box are being used in this step.

I my case, the face of the clock was tilted so I had to modify my stand so that the face was not at an angle. To do this, I had the clock rest on the stand at an angle. This unfortunately led to another problem: the clock could easily slide off due to the angle at which it rested. I fixed this problem by establishing a way to prevent the clock from sliding.

The main point is:
It is important that you construct your stand so that the clock does not slide. Also, be sure that the clock face is flush with the Lego base below. The end result should leave your clock's midpoint at the midpoint of the box.

NOTE: This stand was built to accommodate my clock. Yours may vary depending on what clock you use.

Step 3: Cutting

Now you will need to use your utility knife to cut an opening in the box which corresponds to the face of the clock. To do this cut a small opening in the center of the box to look through in order to see where you need to cut. Slowly cut more and more making the hole slighter bigger each time until you have the outline of the clock's face. Any unevenness in the final rectangular cut can be covered up by the the paper that will be overlaying the cut. That will be the next step.

Step 4: Designing the Box

Next, you will need to print out a top and sides for the box. There are files in this step that can be printed out, but they may need some adjustments. You will probably need to scale the images down to a size where they will fit on the box nicely. Once you have printed them out the right size you will then need to cut them out.

Now use your glue stick to cover every side of the box with a thin and sticky coat of glue. Then place the 5 pieces of paper accordingly. The file name on each image tells you where on the box it needs to be placed. Be sure to print 3 copies of the one labeled "minecraft_tnt_side".

For the one that goes where the clock should be, simply take the clock and its stand out of the box and place the paper directly over the rectangular hole. Then use your utility knife to cut the part of the paper that is covering the hole.

Step 5: Finishing

Lastly, you will have to make a little cut in the back of the box just big enough for the power cable of the clock to fit through. Plug in your clock, set the time, cover with box, and your done!

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