Introduction: Minecraft - Tiny Airship

Hi! This time I will show you how to make a simple airship (in Minecraft, of course.) For some reason, building steampunk floating cities is extremely popular. A good example is FyreUK's giant flying city. And how are people going to get around in such a city? Not cars, that's for sure. So If you are hoping to build a floating city, or just want to have a cool addition to your world, this is for you. This design is mostly compatible with the Archimedes ships mod, but you will have to make some structural adjustments. (This can also be built in Minecraft PE, as well as console and PC.)

Step 1: Build the Base

The Airship starts with a 3x3x1 square of wooden planks. I have only built these with normal oak, but you are welcome to use other kinds of wood. (A solid stone airship does not have that same kind of look of realism to it.)

Step 2: Extend the Base

Build out the base into a rough peanut shape, the assembly should now be 3x7x1. Note the two missing blocks in the center of the structure.

Step 3: Build the Walls: Part 1

Edge the floor with a ring of blocks- if you are going to build this for the Archimedes Ships Mod (ASM) you will need to connect this wall to the base. If not, the blocks are fine.

Step 4: Build the Walls: Part 2

Add a ring of windows on top of your newly placed wooden blocks. You can use stained glass to match the color of your balloon.

Step 5: Build the Deck

Now cover the bottom with a deck - this will be a compete oval. Make sure to put a hole in the deck. Add some ladders so you can get into the cabins. To make a ship's wheel, put a sign on any block. Then type "\I/" (no quotes) on line 1, then "-o-" on line 2, then "/I\" on line 3. You could also horizontally place a piston and power it, but then the cabin will become cramped. Put some chests in the other cabin for a cargo hold.

Step 6: Fence the Edge

Add fences - you will need these. Trust me on this one.


Build the mast out of some logs. I have found that birch log does not look very good. as a mast material. But hey, this is Minecraft! Don't let the man tell you how to play - Build that mast out of leaves!

Step 8: Engine Building

Build some kind of industrial- looking doohickey out of iron/ pistons. Feel free to put lava encased in glass on it, just make sure not to burn the ship down. Start building the propeller shaft out of logs.

Step 9: Baloonatics

First build a 9X3X1 oval. then edge that layer. repeat and cover the balloon.

starting oval shape [] = a block




layers 2-3






Step 10: Rigging

Add fences onto the balloon to make it look like rigging. Not much else to say.

Step 11: Add the Propeller

Build the propeller out of planks. It can be any shape, but I made it a plus.

Now build another ship, add some dispensers filled with fire charges and fight them!