Introduction: Minecraft Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Home

When playing vanilla, unmodded, Minecraft there are beds, but no other furniture options. So players have to be creative and build their furniture out of blocks already in the game that aren't even meant for this purpose. In this tutorial I will teach you everything from bunk beds to mirrors, that make you look like a villager. Let's get started! Please note that this is my first Instructable, so I'm sorry if I do something wrong. Keep in mind that I'm doing this in PE version but most of these will work in other versions as well. All of these builds were listed on the Minecraft wiki unless stated otherwise.

Step 1: Living Room and Decorations

In this section, I will show you all the things you would find if you walked into a person's real living room. I will also show you decorations that you can use to give your house a comfy feel.

Step 2: Sugar Cane Planter

1. Place a block of sand next to a wall.

2. Next, put trapdoors around the sand and shut them. This is your pot for the sugar cane.

3. Sugar Cane needs water to grow, so go outside your house and destroy the block behind the sand.

4. Place water in the hole and quickly put a block, like a leaf, behind the destroyed block therefore cutting off the water source.

5. Try placing leaves next to the one you placed to make a fashionable bush outside. Make sure to connect a log to the leaves so they don't disappear.

6. Back inside, place sugar cane as high as you want on that block of sand.

Step 3: Flower Planter

Note: This is mainly for PE players. In other versions you can simply use a flower pot.

1. Place a grass, dirt, or podzol block down.

2. Place trapdoors around the block and close them.

3. Plant the flower of your choice on the block.

You could also use mycelium and plant a 'shroom instead of a flower.

Step 4: Coffee Table

1. Place a random block, it will be deleted later.

2. Dig a hole two blocks deep and jump in.

3. From there you are low enough that when you place a stair block of your choice it will be upside down. This will be the leg of the table.

4. Place another block one block away from the hole and repeat step three again but on the other side.

5. Fly or pillar jump out of the hole. Make sure it is covered up.

6. Place a slab that matches your stairs in between them.

7. Break those random blocks you chose earlier.

8. You can even place carpets and cakes on the table without having them float.

Step 5: Couch/Recliner

1. Place two stairs, preferably the default wood if you plan on adding arms.

2. Add two signs on the edge of the stairs for arms.

3. You can even slim it down to one stair for a cozy recliner.

4. You can't have a recliner if it doesn't recline! Add a trapdoor to make a foot stool.


1. Have you heard of Villager News? If not, YouTube it and watch it immediately.

2. After you finish laughing, find a large wall space in your house. Note: Make sure you can fit a whole new room behind the wall.

3. Build a 5x4 frame out of coal blocks in the wall.

4. Destroy the blocks inside the frame.

5. You can use any material, I chose clay, and make a room behind the wall with the frame like the one in the picture.

6. Dig down a block in the room and place glow stone as the floor.

7. Place fence or cobble wall right behind the TV frame. This will prevent the host from escaping. We don't want that 3D effect.

8. Cover the glow stone in the back with carpet.

9. Hang a pic in the TV and a sign that reads "Villager News"

10. Keeping a sword handy, spawn a villager in the TV. You will have to keep killing and spawning over and over until you get a farmer type villager.

11. Hide the room by camouflaging it.

Be creative, you can really put anything in your TV. My cousins kept spawning pigmen or any other hostile calling it whatever mob news. My brother made his TV show Cowzilla. It featured a cow with mini buildings next to it. Just don't spawn a creeper, they still blow up in creative.

Step 7: Dog and Bed

Who doesn't want a decorative doggy in their home? Sorry, cat lovers like me... hopefully ocelots are added to PE soon.

1. Place down two carpet pieces of your choice, red is good because it matches the collar. Of course in other versions you can dye dog collars.

2. Spawn a wolf.

3. Quickly, pull out bones and tame the pup before he wanders off!

4. Optional: Name your dog with a sign by his bed.

Step 8: Shelves

1. Look up really high but leave room to place stairs where you want shelves. If you looked high enough the stairs are upside down.

2. You can place pictures, mob heads (non PE players), or even the flowers on top of your shelves.

Step 9: Finished Living Room!

Congratulations on a lovely looking living room! Up above is my living room if you want to see the furniture in a room.

Step 10: Kitchen

Cook up a storm in a decorative kitchen!

Step 11: Kitchen Cupboards

1. Place bookshelves along the wall above where your counter will be.

2. Place trapdoors on the bookshelves.

Step 12: Counter

1. Place end stone where you want your counter.

Step 13: Sink

1. Place an end portal for a sink, you can kinda see the resemblance between the portal and sink. Right?

Step 14: Stove

1. Place a furnace down where you like it.

Step 15: Fridge and Cake

Note: In other versions there are more complex ways to make a red stone fridge but I'm staying simple.

1. Place two iron blocks, one on top of the other.

2. Place a door for the fridge, iron if not on PE.

3. Place a yummy cake on the counter!

Step 16: Finished Kitchen

Voila! You can now make cake for party guests! Here is the kitchen in my house.

Step 17: Dining Room

Dining Rooms usually need a just a table and some chairs if you want. Follow the Coffee table step and expand on it.

Step 18: Bathroom

It isn't very useful in Minecraft but it is good for decoration.

Step 19: Sink

1. Use an End Portal like the kitchen.

Step 20: Toilet

1. Destroy two blocks in the wall.

2. Replace these holes with chiseled quartz.

3. Place two rails going away from the quarts. Destroy the far rail. This makes the rail left straight.

4. Place a minecart on the rail and sit down on your usable toilet.

Step 21: Funhouse Mirror

1. Break one wall block.

2. Build a small room behind the hole out of the same material as the blocks behind you.

3. Spawn a villager in the room.

4. Put a glass pane where you deleted the block.

Look into it. That is totally what you look like...

Step 22: Finished Bathroom

Now you can use the facilities in Minecraft. Above is the Public Bathroom in my city world. (I used quartz stairs as urinals by the way.)

Step 23: Fun With Beds

It is boring just placing down a bed. Try these ideas to make you bed fancy.

Step 24: Master Bedroom Bed

1. Place down two beds next to each other to make a king size bed.

2. Put slabs around the beds.

You could also place stairs behind the bed to make a bed head... I mean your bed's head.

Step 25: Bunk Bed


1. Place two random blocks next to each other on the floor.

2. Place a bed on the blocks.

3. Delete the two blocks

4. Place another bed under the other one.

5. Place doors on the sides of the beds and shut them.

Step 26: TurtleDerp's Racecar Bed

This project was created by YouTuber TurtleDerp. I give him credit for this build. I did modify some things so that it would be buildable in PE. This thing is totally awesome, I'm suggesting this for a kids room but, come on you might want it in the master bedroom too!

1. Place a furnace one block away from the wall.

2. Put a bed in front of the furnace.

3. Put stairs of your choice by the head of the bed.

4. Put slabs of your choice by the foot of the bed.

5. Place two blocks of coal in front of the slabs as tires.

6. Place a block in between the coal blocks.

7. Put a stair in front of that block.

8. Put a carpet color of your choice on the random block.

9. Place a block above and behind he furnace.

10. Put slabs on that block to complete the fender. Now you can drive into a dream on your awesome racecar bed.

Step 27: Complete Beds

Now you can have something better than simply placing down a bed.

Step 28: Stuff You Would Find in a Kid's Room

Place some toys gizmos and doodads in a child's room.

Step 29: X-BLOX

1. If you haven't played the classic Donkey Kong, do yourself a favor and find it online and give it a try.

2. After you calm down from your new anger at barrels, shuffle through the pictures until you get to the Donkey Kong picture.

3. Place down powered rails, or levers for other versions, as your controllers.

4. Place down a nether reactor core, or something else for other versions.

5. Put a torch on top of the nether reactor core.

6. Label the NRC as an "X-BLOX"

Step 30: Train Set

1. Set up powered rails in the circular pattern above.

2. Fill the gaps with regular rails.

3. Place a minecart.

4. Then give the minecart a push.

Step 31: Computer and Desk

1. Place a random block.

2. Dig down two and place the stairs upside down.

3. Get out of the hole and fill it.

4. Place slabs until the next wall.

5. Destroy a block in the wall

6. Replace it with an iron block.

7. Put a picture on the iron block.

8. Use a powered rail as a key board.

Step 32: Decorative Lighting

Let's face it. Unless you have a medieval theme torches are ugly. Even glow stone is ugly, sea lanterns look nice actually. In this section I will teach you how to add light to a room without making it ugly.

Step 33: Tricks

Try hiding some glow stone under the carpet.

How This Works: Light shines through non full blocks. This includes stairs, slabs, signs, paintings, pressure plates, leaves, and more.

Step 34: Lantern

1. Put glow stone on the wall

2. Place trapdoors around the glow stone.

3. Optional: Place fence under it to create a lamp.

Step 35: Fireplace

This is a very basic fire place. There are better ways to do it but I will stay simple.

1. Dig a small trench in the floor that is 2x3 blocks.

2. Fill all the blocks on the edge with stone bricks.

3. Place nether rack in the center of the stone bricks.

4. Put iron bars around the nether rack.

5. Dig up behind the nether rack to make your chimney.

6. Place stone bricks as the chimney.

7. Light the nether rack with flint and steel.



This is a PE modified version of YouTuber RedSlime2K's arcade machine.

1.Place down any block.

2. Look up and place a stair of that type on the block.

3. Place signs around the stair.

4. Put a glass block on top of the first block you placed.

5.'Shuffle through pictures on the sides until you get the unicycle boy pic.

6. Place a slab on top of the glass block.

7.'Build a small room behind the cabinet and destroy the two blocks behind the cabinet.

8. Spawn anything you want inside the cabinet and close it off.

Step 37: Closing

Thanks everybody for reading my tutorial! I hope your house looks nice and spiffy after this tutorial. Maybe I'll do some other tutorials if this one turns out well.
Maybe if your so influential to your city you can build yourself a monument like the one of me above! Goodbye, and don't forget to hit that like button.

Step 38: Slab Roofing

On the top floor of your house you should use slabs as the roof because natural lighting penetrates slabs. You can see up above that the poor chap is still burning.