Mini Altoids Survival Tin




Introduction: Mini Altoids Survival Tin

This is a very portable and easy to make survival tin. It holds all the essentials to take on any outdoor outing. It is extremely small and easy to carry anywhere you go.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

The nice thing about this survival tin is that you don't have to have everything exactly the same as mine, this gives you a basic guild line of the usual things that should probably go in a survival tin. These things are 1. Bandages 2. Gauze pad 3. Matches 4. Pocket knife 5.tin foil 6. paper clips, safety pin, string etc 7. pain killer pills 8. first aid antibiotic

Step 2: Pack It All In

A tip on getting everything in the tin is to start with the big stuff first. Put the bandages in at the bottom (to make the bandages fit better, cut the corners off the packaging) next add the pocketknife and the gauze pad. Then the matches (if you don't have strike anywhere matches, you can glue a piece of match striker to to top of the lid) add the candle and then all the little stuff.

Step 3: Adding the Tinfoil and Small Stuff

Once you have all the big stuff in the tin, add all the small items like the paper clips, string, safety pin, painkiller, lead weight (for fishing). If you want, you can also add a little bit of first aid antibiotic ointment, first get a plastic straw and cut an inch off, next squeeze the ointment into the one inch of straw and hot glue the two ends. To add the tinfoil, get a large piece and fold it until its smaller then the Altoids tin.

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