Introduction: Mini Bag-Toss Boards

About: Pro-LAB Shop class at Propel Braddock Hills High School.

These half scale bag-toss boards were our final project this school year.

We built them from 1X3 furring strips and 1/8" oak plywood and they measure 24"x12", other than that they were constructed in a pretty standard fashion (lots of how-to's for bag-toss board out there - here's a good one).

We were inspired by the mini bag-toss boards created by the students of Studio H (here's a link to their homepage).

We didn't do a very good job of documenting the build, but we did take lots of pictures of the final product - so this Instructable is mostly to show off student's finished boards and hopefully inspire other classes to build their own.

We did get some pictures showing our use of laser-cut stencils to paint precise designs on our boards (props to the teachers and students of Studio H for the technique). Read on for more details about the painting process and more pictures of finished boards.

Step 1: Painting With Laser Cut Stencils

After deciding on a color scheme, we painted a base color on our boards. Next, we covered the entire board with a single layer of masking tape.

We used Adobe Illustrator to make our designs and the laser cutters at TechShop Pittsburgh to cut the design into the tape.

With a stencil ready and in place on the board, we peeled off the areas to be painted another color then carefully painted the exposed areas. We learned that it's best to paint in the direction of the tape edges whenever possible to avoid forcing paint under the stencil.

Once our painted design was dry, we applied a clear coat of polycrylic to protect the paint.

Step 2: More Finished Boards

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Thanks for reading!