Introduction: Mini Bow

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This something I came up with in history class one day. A small bow and arrow out of a old pen and a rubber band

Step 1: Materials

Just a old cap ink pen and a rubber band

Step 2: Tools

A sharp knife and common sense when using

Step 3: Take It Apart

If you have problems use the knife

Step 4: Make a Hole

Now this is where common sense comes in. Use the knife to bore out a hole in the middle of the pen. Don't bore it to much or it will mess up.

Step 5: Insert the Arrow Holder

This is why I said don't make a big hole. It doesn't matter which side

Step 6: Notches

You don't really need these but they help. Again with common sense and sharp knife make notches that line up with your arrow holder on each end

Step 7: The Band

Put the rubber band like you see here.

Step 8: Finished

Now if you get people mad its not my fault but there you go. Have fun:)

Step 9: Extra

If your arrows don't shoot as far as you like then wrap the rubber band the front like this