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After a recent outing to the local wax museum, I set forth to make 3D prints with all of my new celebrity busts (not that kind of bust). Although, I found that working with these files takes a bit of time to process, render, and generally futz about with. As tends to often happen, I got impatient. This is not entirely unexpected. I come from a long line of impatient people. I decided that I needed a 3D print to show to people, right now. I picked a few famous people at random and made a little desktop display. After printing, I noticed this looks kind of like Mt. Rushmore, except rather than presidents it has the likenesses of Fidel Castro, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and the Tin Man. So, I like to think of it more as Mini Celebrity Desktop Monument than desktop trinket.

To keep with monument theme, I am also including a zip with laser cut files for making a low-resolution version of this model 12 feet tall out of cardboard (or - really - anything bendable that can go in a laser cutter or CNC). For instruction on how to use these files, check out the Trojan Horse instructable.

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