Introduction: Mini Christmas Tree With LEDs and Sound

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Last year I made the greeting cards above...

So this year I thought to create a 3D model of it, with a bit of sound, adding an ISD1820.

It goes just for 10sec, which is more than enough to bother my guests :-)

Anyway, for this "Instructable" you need:

A4 sheet (of the same weight of the card) 160gsm white (or colored)

A4 Transparent Crystal Clear 0.24mm 240micron Thick PVC Plastic Sheet


Utility knife (please use it carefully)

A small screwdriver (follow the advices above)

Glue (solvent free) UHU POR is my favorite

Foam for packaging

Toilet paper roll

1 Barbecue Skewer

9 colored 3mm LEDs (according to the drawing you'd like to make) for the version powered by a 3.7V battery (the number of resistors is affected by the quantity of LEDs chosen)

1 555 Timer

1 100 uF Capacitor

1 1k Resistor

1 10K Resistor

2 2K Resistors

1 Momentary Switch/Push button

1 Switch On/Off

1 ISD1820 Sound Card

3 batteries 1.5V

or a 3.7V Lipo

(please take all the necessary precautions when you handle this kind of battery, as Lipos may be dangerous)

Soldering Iron/Station (again please follow all the precautions when you use this tool)

Soldering wire

Step 1: Making a Template of the Christmas Tree & Assembling It

Draw in the way you prefer the Christams Tree, but keep in mind that chosing basic geometric figures (triangles), will help you a lot when you'll make it 3D.

Cut the transparent A4 with the same shape (this is going to be used as a cover).

Cut the foam in stripes (3cm thickness), and glue them around the perimeter of the Christmas Tree.

Finally cut the foam board that you'll use as a Christmas Tree, where you'll attach the LEDs.

Step 2: Create the Electronic Circuit That Will Make Your LEDs Blink

Glue the barbecue skewer to the back of the tree.

Using the diagram of my video, connect the circuit.

My Christmas Tree is powered by a low voltage (3.7V to 4.5V),

therefore I used 1x10K, and 1x2K resistors and 1x1K.

The LED blinks perfectly.

Using the soldering on iron (very carefully), connect all the LEDs.

You can use my previous project as a reference.

Now, just test it, without forgetting to close the back of the tree with the template you have cut before.

Step 3: Installing the Switch and the Push Button for the ISD1820 Sound Card

Connect the switch to the power lead (red), so you can switch your LEDs on/off and attach it to the toilet paper roll (on the back of it).

Add also a push button to activate the sound card and again attach it to the toilet paper roll (on the front of it).

Record your favorite Christmas song (10sec).

Put the sound card inside the toilet paper roll, keeping the speaker positioned upwards.

Step 4: Preparing the Base That Will Cover the Battery Case

Using the box of the Camembert Cheese (by the way, my favorite), create the base for the Christmas Tree.

Please take a look at my previous projects to see how these boxes may be very useful :-)

Step 5: Adding the Snow

Basically you have created a box with the shape of the tree, which is covered with the transparent A4 shee you have previously cut, right?

Put inside of it some polystyrene balls, to create the snow effect.

Please be sure to place them on the front of the tree, not on the back.

Once you have done that, close the bottom of the Christmas Tree with a piece of foam board, so the fake snow will not fall into the toilet paper roll.

Step 6: Done!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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