Introduction: Mini Duct Tape Minecraft Heads

Do you love Minecraft? Do you love working with duct tape? If so, this project is for you. In this Instructable  I will show you how to make a Creeper and Slime head from the hit game Minecraft. You could use this tutorial to make nearly any kind of block from Minecraft. You could make diamond ore, dirt block, cobblestone,  logs, TNT, etc. Maybe in the future I will show how to make other blocks.

Step 1: Materials

For This project you will need:
6 Cardboard Squares (Mine are 4.5x4.5 inches)
Green, Black, and Gray Duct Tape (About 10 yards of green, and a couple feet of gray, and a little of black. I find Walmart to sell it the cheapest)
Sharp Knife (I used a pocketknife)
A place mat safe to cut on (not pictured

NOTE: If you want to make a Slime head, use light green. If you want a creeper head, use a darker green. I only had light green so that is what I will use in this Instructable 

Step 2: Put the First Walls on the Cube

Take your pieces of cardboard and pick out two that are the most square. These pieces will be the top and bottom of the cube. Then take to to pieces and tape them to the top of the base (so that the piece is on top of the base, not the side) . Apply the gray tape horizontally  to attach the pieces. Do this with two pieces paralleled to each other. Then add a short strip on the outside going vertically. Make sure not to crease the tape.

Step 3: The Second Walls

Take two more squares of cardboard and cut off about half of a centimeter so that it fits in between the two existing walls (Apply these walls to the top of the base as well) . Apply tape horizontal on the inside and vertical on the outside, as done in the last step. Also add vertical strips of tape at the connections of the walls. Make sure that all walls are the same height and all is well. If they aren't, trim them so that they are before moving on.

CAUTION: Make sure the tape on the outside of the box is not wrinkled or creased! This will effect the final product!

Note: If you want this to be used as a paperweight, put something slightly heavy, such as a rock, inside the box.

Step 4: Adding the Top

Place the last piece of cardboard on the top of the box. Then cut four pieces of gray tape about 2 inches long, and place them vertically on each side of the top piece. You have now finished building your marvelous cube. 

Step 5: Beginning the Face

Now that you have made the cube, it is now time to make the face. Cut 6 pieces of green tape 13.5 inches long.  Take 3 of them and apply them so that they wrap around 3 sides of the cube. Do this again with the uncovered sides. When done you should have a green cube. it is okay if the edges are slightly uncovered. We will fix this in the next step.

CAUTION: Do not crease or wrinkle the tape. Try to keep tape flat and smooth.

Step 6: Fixing Up the Edges

Cut 4 strips of tape 4.5 inches long and cut them straight down the middle vertically with your knife. Take these strips and place them on the edges of your cube that still have exposed cardboard. You may have some extra strips left over some edges are already covered.

Step 7: Making the Creeper Face

We shall now create the face of the mighty Creeper. If you want to make a slime instead, go to the next step. If you wanted to you could even make both. First, Cut two 3x3 centimeters of black duct tape for the eyes, and place them on the best looking side of the cube. Then, cut a piece of duct tape 5 centimeters long, and cut as the picture below shows. Place the mouth below the eyes, and make sure the uppermost corners of the mouth touch the lowest corners of the eyes. Use the picture of a creeper face for reference. I have also included a simple paint of how to cut the mouth. Congratulations! You have now completed you Minecraft Creeper head! If you wish to make a Slime as well, continue to the next step, but make sure to put the face on the side opposite to the Creeper head. Post a picture of yours in the comments and let me know how it turned out!

CAUTION: I am not responsible for any rogue Creepers! They can be highly aggressive and explosive! 

Step 8: Creating the Slime

Cut two 4x4 centimeter squares of black duct tape for the eyes, and stick them about 1 centimeter away from the upper and side edges. Then cut a 1x1 centimeter square out of black tape for the mouth. Imagine there is a line, going straight down the head from the lower left corner of the right eye. Place the mouth about 3.5 centimeters below the right eye on the other side of the imaginary line.  Use the picture of the Slime for reference.Congratulations! You have now completed your duct tape Slime head! Post a picture of yours in the comments and let me know how it turned out!

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